Q: at home vaccinations?

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does anyone know if these are the brands vets use, if they're safe, and how long they can be stored if they are?

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Melissa S.

Sep 17, 2009

All three of the brands listed on the site (Fort Dodge, Pfizer, and Schering-Plough) were all used at the veterinary clinic I previously worked at. These were actually the only three brands we used. Most vaccines need to be reconstituted befor administering. The freeze-dried "cake" portion of the vaccine can be stored for about 21 months. The other part of the vaccine, the sterile diluent, is good for about 12. Once reconstituted, the vaccine needs to be given as soon as posible. The vaccines also need to be kept refregerated. Most vaccines will have an expiration date right on the box. As far as safety, it largely depends on how the individual animal will react to the vaccine. Most pets do just fine, but vaccine reactions can range from lethargy to anaphylaxis. Cats are also more prone to vaccine site sarcomas (tumors), so vaccines are given in specific places. Most vets give the FVRCP vaccine over the right shoulder, Rabies above the right rear leg, and FeLv above the left rear leg.

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Sep 18, 2009

Jillian, here are a couple of links you may find helpful...I would say yes to your question regarding vets using the same vaccines...



Hope this helps!

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