Q: Are you being asked to join facebook?

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Are you being asked to join facebook?

When writing journals, I am being asked to join facebook. I have been asked by friends to do this before. I am wondering how safe and secure this really is. I really don't care to have personal information and photographs all over the world even though it's just about that far on zootoo anyway. I was just wondering how safe you all feel with it?

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Michele Z.

Aug 22, 2009

I could be wrong, but I didn't get the impression that a Zootooer who posts a journal is being asked to JOIN Facebook. It appears as though Zootoo is only asking if you would also like your journal to be posted to your EXISTING Facebook. It seems more like a "convenience" for those interested, not a mandate or encouragement to join Facebook.

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Animal g.

Sep 04, 2009

Facebook is really good. Myspace does not have good privacy and is not very safe, but with facebook you can put how much privacy you want. People can't be your friends unless you accept them. And for like photos and privacy you can either have just your friends see or your friends friends or everyone. hope this helps

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John D.

Aug 29, 2009

A while ago I was on MySpace but eventually left it because there seemed to be too many problems with privacy and making sure I had control over my information. I've been on Facebook for almost a year now and it has been much better. For one thing, it is easier to get the hang of. And as far as privacy goes, Facebook does a much better job than MySpace as far as letting you know how to set up a webpage.

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