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Does anyone know if there are alot of rescues that are mainly for when some where hits hard times and the shelter can't take in all of the animals I know that there is one in new york but are there others and if there are where are they you know the rescues that take dogs and cats when the shelters are full, Does anyone know?

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Nov 12, 2011

Most rescues pull from shelters as well as taking animals that are brought to them outright. I crosspost and network for rescue animals and get lots of emails for at risk animals at shelters across the country. The people I send out to are rescue groups. Once they're made aware of the latest list, they often pull animals. So the short answer to your question is that any rescue group can and will pull animals from shelters when they can. The problem is that they are just as full as the shelters. Some of them have an actual facility where they can keep animals, but the vast majority of them house animals in foster homes. With so many pets being turned into the shelters and so many people contacting them directly because they want to give up their pets but don't want to put them in a shelter where they can be killed, most of them are out of space. Lots aren't taking intakes any longer.

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Nov 13, 2011

There are no rescues who specifically only take the overflow from shelters. All rescues take animals from shelters and try very hard to take owner turn in pets. There are literally millions of rescues -- all you have to do is look -- and they all will bend over backwards to save an animal. Unfortunately most of them are overflowing themselves because too many people refuse to show responsibility for their own pets, even though that's the promise we all should make to our pets when we adopt them. Not only are they overflowing, no one ever bothers to make a donation or sponsor a pet so they're all out of $$ too. Pets are always the first thing to go, long before the iPads, iPods, internet service, cable tv, and cell phones. These are the things that should be disposable -- not our pets.

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