Q: are egg yolks unhealthy for dogs

April 12, 2012 | By Onerascal | 2 answers | Expired: 1388 days ago

Is feeding your dog egg yolks bad for his health.

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Apr 13, 2012

Two a week for a 40-80 pound dog is generally an appropriate amount. Under 40 pounds, go with one; over 80 pounds you can consider three. Too many is too high in fat and can cause weight gain or diarrhea, and they're also high enough in vitamin A to cause problems if fed too many on a regular basis. It's a great addition to homemade dog foods, but I give mine a hard boiled egg as a snack when I think to make some.

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Apr 12, 2012

An occasional egg is healthy for your dog. If your dog is healthy, not overweight, and active, egg yolks are fine and provide necessary fat. If your dog is overweight and/or not very active, too many can provide too much fat to the diet. Egg yolks are an excellent source of protein, cholesterol and fat. They also contain vitamins A, D, E and K, which are good for many functions of the body. Vitamins from food are always better utilized than vitamin supplements. Cholesterol doesn't affect dogs like it does humans. As a matter of fact it's very good for their skin and coat. The fat in eggs are also good for their skin and coat, but the fat content is high and that's why they shouldn't be fed too often. Dogs who eat too much fat compared to lean protein, get fat. They can only convert so much fat to energy and the rest is converted to body fat. You can help balance that ratio by feeding your dog the entire egg. Egg whites are one of the highest quality protein foods available. You can serve them raw or cooked without problem. Although raw eggs carry a salmonella warning for humans, there's little to no risk to dogs.

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