Q: Are Bladder Control Pills a Solution?

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Teddy is 17 years old and she has been having potty issue's I have a friend with a 19 year old cat that takes bladder control pills Teddy is going to the vet soon and I was wondering if the vet gives bladder control pills as one of their suggestions if they actually work well and what you can tell me about them for my cat Teddy? Also what about the doggie diapers do they make them for cats?

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Sep 27, 2011

Bladder control pills would probably help as far as making life easier for you, but it's not a true solution in the context that you're actually solving the underlying problem. One of the biggest killers in cats, especially older cats, is kidney problems. You'll want to have a blood test and/or urinalysis done at the vet's to check her kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. My concern with the pills, other than masking a potentially deadly illness, would be possible side affects, as no medication comes w/o them.

The main point is animals don't just start having problems. Incontinence can occur naturally as the bladder weakens with age, but you'll see that as a slow progression with a drip here, a drop there, then a little leak - long before any real urination outside the box happens. But there's nearly always a root cause that needs to be treated and that's what you should look for.

I'm not sure if they make cat diapers, but they don't sound as functional as a doggy diaper. B/c dogs go outside to do their business, it would make sense to diaper them indoors since you know when to remove it. However, cats go indoors anyway and therefore you can't determine when there's going to be an accident or when they'll be climbing in the litter box - whether to pee or poop. Then try bathing Teddy every day...yikes.

At Teddy's age, she should have a blood test done yearly. This doesn't always need to be all encompassing, b/c it can get expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives where they'll only check her liver and kidneys. But for this visit I'd go with the full blood count and everywhere in between.

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