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sharon g.

i have 2 gold fish (they're quite large now!) and a bottom feeder in a new 15 gal. aquarium. after cleaning the tank & re-filling the water, within a couple days it starts becoming brownish / muddy-looking. i change the filter every couple days but still the water becomes murky-looking. is there something i'm doing wrong? it looks so chrystal clear to start off. i don't understand why the water doesn't stay clearer for more than a couple days. if i have to, i'll clean the tank every week but i don't think that should be necessary. any suggestions??

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Mary C.

Nov 21, 2010

If you haven't you should put a water conditioner in your tank, this will remove any minerals that may be in your water. Also you should only do a partial water change in between your regular complete changes. You want to have beneficial bacteria in your water, when you completely change the water you disrupt this. Goldfish also have a lot of waste which causes a lot of ammonia in your tank so you may need an ammonia remover. Getting a test kit at your pet store will also tell you what things in your tank such as Nitrates, Ph and Ammonia that might have to be adjusted. Hope that helps.

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Michele Z.

Nov 26, 2010

You might be overfeeding your fish. Actually, I read that you can't overfeed your fish, but you can "overfeed your tank"! That is, too much food will end up on the bottom of the tank, disintegrating and muddying the water.

Try feeding your fish LESS food per meal (e.g., as much as they can eat within two or three minutes instead of five or six). Feed them more than once a day, if necessary. It is better to underfeed than overfeed.

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