Q: Any tips on how to get my dog to do his business outside?

June 13, 2011 | By Lilshroom92 | 4 answers | Expired: 1614 days ago

Any tips on how to get my dog to do his business outside?

I let my dog Oden go outside or walk him and he doesn't pee or poop outside many time and most of the time when we go back inside he goes right to pee or poop on the floor inside. He is a 4 year old dachshund. He used to always do his business outside, but about a year ago he started doing it inside. I think it was after a trip that we left the dogs with my dad I think he wouldn't let them out often so he started doing this. I know I probably should of fixed the problem quicker, but here I am now and just need some help. :) Also my other dog Hanna does her business outside. Does anyone have tips on what I can work on?

Is it just him stubborn, because he's a dachshund?

My mom is getting frustrated by it so I want to get him doing it outside, because I feel like she is going to want to give him away. :(

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Jun 21, 2011

If I were you I would let him outside at the same time as your other dog, since your other dog goes potty outside you said. Do you have a way your dogs can tell you they have to go potty? If you dont give them a way I suggest using a bell of somesort that they can ring when they need to go outside. That is what I do with my dog. She used to go inside but, I have trained her with a bell to go outside. Since then she has not had a single accedent, not even when she is alone. P.S. Dont watch your dog when he/she is outside. They WON`T go if your watching them. Please Reply.

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erica m.

Jun 18, 2011

Maybe it will help if you take Oden outside on a leash and let him sniff around where Hanna does her business. Dogs keen sense of other dogs and their business usually urges them to mark their territory. I would be surprised if this doesn't work.

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Jun 14, 2011

Is your dog crate trained? Since you're trying to re-train him & break him of old habits it will be easier to start with the crate. Dogs don't like to potty where they sleep. Use a crate appropriate to his size...you want it to be comfortable for him but if it's too big he may potty in one end & sleep in the other. You can leave him in the crate overnight when everyone is asleep so he can't soil the house. First thing in the morning, put him on a leash & take outside. Start using words so he'll understand. I always say "outside" & my dogs run to the door. I then tell them, "Go potty" so they know what's expected of them before they come back inside. Walk him around outside & tell him to go potty or whatever wordage you plan to use until he does his business. Praise him with words like "Good boy" & "Good potty!" when he finally goes. During the day, watch for cues when to go outside. Usually when a dog wakes up, after he eats, after playing, it's a good time to take him outside. Dogs usually give you cues to their need even if they don't run to the door & bark. They they may abruptly stop what they're doing, circle & sniff the floor, they may run out of the room looking for "their" spot. When you notice any of those warning signs, put the leash on him & take him outside. If you catch him in the act of going inside the house, clap your hands loudly & firmly say, "No! Outside!" Then immediately take him outside. Put the leash on him & go outside with him. Use the appropriate words so he'll make the connection & understand what he's supposed to do & praise him with more enthusiastic words when he does it. You want to establish a routine & help him develop a habit. Don't rub his nose in it or try to punish him when you find an earlier accident. It doesn't work.

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Jun 13, 2011

Try some potty pads slowly moving them outside or try a litter box some smaller dogs are more comfortable using a litter box in the house. I would try looking up potty training for small dogs too. If the dog just started doing this recently take it to a vet.

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