Q: Any suggestions for a newly adopted dog that won't stop barking at my husband?

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I recently adopted a new dog (Charlie) that is about 1 yr old while my husband was out of town (he did know about it though)and since my husband has been home and around our new family member (Charlie) will bark at him nonstop. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? My husband hasn't done anything to instigate this and has tried giving treats, petting and loving on him but it hasn't seemed to help.

Thanks for all the responses we are now on the right track. I had my husband take him to training the other evening and so far so good. He is no longer barking at him, still a little timid of him but hopefully the bond will grow as time goes on. He was timid of everyone when we first brought him home. Unfortunately the only info was that he was turned in because his family was moving, no other history was available. We will continue working on things and training seems to be helping. Thanks again!

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Mar 20, 2008

I am assuming that you feed, walk and play with the dog the most. Others on here have some great ideas. But if you want to build a bond between husband and pooch it is up to hubby to do all the work. Have only your husband feed Charlie everyday. This will teach Charlie that your husband is his food source. When it is time for a walk, hubby gets the job. If he can't put the leash on and the dog absolutly will not walk for him both of you go. You hold the leash and hubby holds your hand. This shows the pup you are not afraid of your husband and he doesn't need to be either. No treats from anyone accept your husband! And NEVER EVER give treats when Charlie is barking. Give your husband Charlie's absolute favorite treat to give only when he comes in the door. This will have Charlie looking forward to your husband coming home. Fill hubby's pockets with another favorite when at home. Anytime Charlie comes within arms reach have hubby toss him a treat out of his pocket. This teaches pup that this guy is full of good stuff for him. When your husband feeds or gives treats he needs to stay quite and not look directly at Charlie. He needs to act as if Charlie really isn't there. Husband is watching a movie, Charlie walks by, hubby reaches into pocket and tosses treat but keeps watching tv. This love will not blossom overnight. It will take a few weeks. But in the end Charlie will come running with tail wagging at the sight of his new daddy! If none of this works Sharebear57 is absolutly correct don't punish Charlie and look for professional help. Good Luck!!

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Mar 20, 2008

Your husband should be "making friends" with the dog, but not while he is barking. He should get into a crouch position, avoiding eye-contact and allow the dog to come to him, talking softly and offering treats when he does. When the dog comes, he should pet him on the chest and avoid reaching over his head. Look at the body language your dog exhibits around your husband and look at the situations where he is and is not barking at him. Does he react this way in other situations or with other people? I think the best thing to do is to call a positive-methods trainer who can assess the situation. It is difficult to give advice on a problem like this without all of the details. For example, is the dog barking because he is territorial, because he is looking for attention, because he has been rewarded for this type of behavior, because he is afraid of your husband or men in general? There are so many possibilities that a proper behavior modification plan is difficult without finding the true underlying cause. However, I would avoid the use of any aversives (yelling, punishing, or even using a spray bottle) If the cause is fear or aggression, this type of method can make it worse. Call in a trainer or do some research on solving barking problems using positive (&/or clicker) training. The first step, though, is to figure out the underlying cause of the problem. Best of luck!

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amy c.

Mar 19, 2008

Okay first of all your husband has to stop petting & treating right away! - if he's barking at your husband and you give him treats or pet him thats like saying your a good dog for barking. Its sounds like the dog feels that your husband is on his territory... most likely because your husband just entered the pic. Your dog could also be barking for attention... i would try ignoring him... (DEFINATLEY NO TREATS WHILE BARKING) try repremanding - NO when barking but ONLY when barking... when not barking give lots of attention & treats. If that doesnt work try a spray water bottle - dog barks spray... if that doesnt work i would call a trainer... but treats and talking & pets should only happen when the dog is doing something good - not barking. because when you give them treats while they are doing something you dont like...they dont know you dont like it and you are encouraging them to continue barking

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