Q: Any Parrot Rescues in Michigan?

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I'm looking for a parrot specific rescue in Michigan for a friend that is going out of the country for six months. She wants to send her bird to a rescue in hopes that she can get it back when she returns and I already have four birds and can't take another in.

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Sep 20, 2008

Your friend needs to find a Pet Sitter if she want her bird back. Bird rescue organizations do NOT board birds. Rescues will have you sign over your bird to them before they accept it. You will not get it back later because they re-home birds they get in.

You need to find an honest pet sitter/boarder. Look for one who is bonded and insured and who does this as a business. Ask for references and call them.

I am in Ohio. I had a friend who had someone "watch" her parrot when she was in the hospital. The person ended up stealing my friend's parrot, saying it died, and sold it out from under her. Be cautious.

Ask for references for the pet sitter too. Expect to pay by the day for this service. Make sure there is a contract which is legally binding both for you and the pet sitter. This service is not free. you will probably have to pay half or full in advance based on the days bird is boarded to insure that the pet sitter gets paid. If you default, the pet sitter has the right to dispose of the bird as he/she sees fit. It is a little difficult to locate pet sitters who will watch pets on a very long term basis too. Sitting fees are about $25.00 per day on the average.

PS: I do pet sitting in northern Ohio and am Bonded with references. I am also familiar with animal rescue.

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