Q: Any organizations that help with pets medical problems in Fargo?

April 2, 2009 | By Beverly | 2 answers | Expired: 2082 days ago


One of my cats has to have DM (diabetic maintenence) food and I have been out of work for almost 6 months. He is almost out of food and my funds are pretty much depleted. Does anyone know of organizations in Fargo that might assist me temporarily? I hate to even ask but am out of options at this point.

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Apr 04, 2009

Beverly, let me know what Tooter eats and I would be happy to buy him the largest bag I can find.

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Apr 02, 2009

I don't specifically know of any organizations in Fargo that could help, but I bet if you asked your vet they might know of some. They might even be able to help in other ways, like put you on a payment plan, let you work off some of the bill while you're temporarily unemployed, you never know until you ask them!

Hope everything turns out well for you and kitty.

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