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July 5, 2011 | By Dogz37 | 2 answers | Expired: 1664 days ago

So I have a 96 pound loveable mutt that has ALOT of energy. So I really need to know what the best anti-pull harnesses are, what worked for you, your friends, please help.

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Jul 06, 2011

We have a couple of large active dogs & a medium-sized Sherman tank. lol We started leash training our first dog with Yuppie Puppy & Sporn harnesses...the kind without the mesh inset between the padded sleeves. That stopped her from pulling immediately. I got the new kind with the mesh inset when the other dogs were rescued & they didn't work nearly as well. Once I switched back to the original design, the pulling stopped & we were able to work on training. Don't just rely on a harness though. While you've got control, you also need to work on actual leash training so your dog will no longer try to pull & will know how to heel. Harnesses help get you started, but nothing replaces training.

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Jul 05, 2011

I would get a head collar and a harness and use them both also the best type of harness is a comfort harness. the head collars help with pulling also I would go to petco and enlist the help of a dog trainer.

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