Q: Animals need your help - sign petition to end animal testing at Dove.

February 8, 2009 | By Reagan R. | 10 answers | Expired: 2540 days ago

Reagan R.


(In case zootoo cuts the weblink short AGAIN, put /sa63 after the .com)
Can you believe Dove tests its products on animals? Ask Dove to become one of the good guys (like Burt's Bees, Almay, Revlon and others) and stop its inhumane practices.
Please forward to your friends!

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lorraine B.

Feb 08, 2009

thank you for posting this, i signed

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Cheryl B.

Feb 10, 2009

I have signed the petition (so far, only 33 people have???!!). I hope there are a million more for this issue. I have studied this subject and there are or were tons of companies here in USA that still tested on animals among them being Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon (to name a few). Some have stopped the practice, but it continues today. While I lived in France, there was such a public outcry about animal testing, it nearly drove L'Oreal to bankruptcy!!! Really. Trust me, you don't want to know specifics of the true "how" they use animals (mainly cats & rabbits). My reasoning is this...animals are animals, humans are humans, their biological make up is different no matter how hard you may try to equate them, it is not the same. My opinion (another really highly charged) is why can't they use humans for testing, such as life term prisoners. Would it be any less humane than what they did to get themselves there in the first place??

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Feb 09, 2009

I signed it and prayed for these people to see the light of love for all and to stop this madness now. I will no longer buy their products until they change their ways!!!!!

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