Q: am i a maine coon?

November 2, 2010 | By Johnnynalex | 1 answer | Expired: 1907 days ago

am i a maine coon?

i found this kitty on my birthday and i think its a maine coon but i figured someone on here might be able to give me a yes or no for sure

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Nov 02, 2010

My grandma has a maine coon that she found by her business as a kitten but now she is about 5 years old and she is alot bigger than this kitty. I also used to have a maine coon and he was even bigger than my grandma's cat. Then I live next door to some people that have a maine coon mix that is about the same size as my grandma's cat. But If this kitty is One year old or younger I would say yes because of the size and she just has not grown as much as she is going to yet. But I would say maybe look in a cat breed book or you could look online. If you want to know for sure there is a thing online that you can order it is about $75.00 or more and it is a DNA breed testing kit and you use it or you can go to the vet and ask them to do it there. But this will tell you for sure what breed your Kitty is. She sure is cute good luck and take good care of your new kitty. ( oh also you can sometimes tell the breed by their personality usaully maine coons want outside alot and love to be around dogs and also they are picky about who comes into their homes and will like them off and on if they do not live there even if they see them alot.) GOOD LUCK!

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