Q: Adopted kittens, one not getting along

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2 days ago I adopted two kittens that are not littermates. The male is 3mos female is 12 weeks today. Both are fixed. The male is hissing, growling and swatting at the female constantly. He acts great by himself, at the shelter he was caged w/his 3 littermates.
I have been trying to play with them equally and together but asa he sees her get too close he growls/hisses. She doesn't back down which makes him mad and he swats. He's considerably larger than she is which worries me that he would hurt her. When he gets too bad I put him in a carrier for a "time out". But that isn't working. My fear is that he's going to remain aggressive towards her. What should I do?

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May 30, 2011

Hopefully by this point your kittens have learned to get along better. Remember he was separated from his littermates, moved into a new home, & put with another kitten he's never met. A lot of kittens are sensitive & will stress out in situations like that. Two days isn't enough time for him to decompress from all he's been through & establish a relationship with his new sister. You can help the transition go more smoothly by providing lots of positive experiences for them. He needs to associate good things with his new sister. Lay out lots of fun toys, let them play in the same room, but don't force them to play together. Reward his good behavior...don't forget to reward HER good behavior too. If he acts up give him a 3-5 minute time out & start over. Use wand toys for interactive play. Many times they get so involved in play, they don't realize they're actually playing together. Always reward the good behavior with treats & plenty of praise. Feeding time is another opportunity for him to make the association between the other kitten & good experiences. Make sure they both have plenty of escape routes so neither feels trapped. Most cats & kittens need cat trees, things to climb & ways move about up high. This removes a lot of stress that they feel.

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May 19, 2011

First thing call a vet to make sure this kitten is not sick after that I would get online and find a cat trainer or info on training cats Shorty became really domaniat and so that is why I have such a hard time he is always beating up Teddy who is an old lady now. If you don't take care of this behavior fast your right it could get bad.

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