Q: about my hamster, please read!

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my little dwarf hamster has very very very long nails that are so they have begun to curl over, im worried that they are getting uncomfortable for her and im kinda affraid to cut them because i dont want to hurt her because she moves so much and is very little, please help! :)

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May 25, 2010

yes definitly take her to a vet or to a pet groomer and get them trimmed so that you do not in fact hurt her

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May 24, 2010

have your vet show you how to safely trim her nails. then just take your time and trim them during a calm spell. for small animals like that it usually helps to casually do one here, one there. it may take several trips back to the cage throughout the day, but eventually you'll get them all.

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Stephanie  C.

May 25, 2010

Jillian always has good advice. If you feel like you can do this yourself, follow these instructions...

One way to pick up tiny critters - place her on a flat hard surface, using your thumb and index finger knuckle, smush her down a little bit and try to pinch the skin on her neck (between her shoulder blades). It will take some practice, and you'll probably have to come back and try again. She'll probably get cranky if you try too much.

This should keep her from moving. Her little legs will stick out, but she won't be in pain or be able to move. Then you can use human finger nail clippers, the small ones. Stand in front of a window to let the light shine through the nails, and clip very carefully. Don't hit the quick. If you do, she may not let you do it again.

Good luck!

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