Q: A scorpion stung my dog. Help!

Mary T.

Will a scorpion sting kill a dog?

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Unless your dog's scorpion sting is from the so-called bark scorpion, your dog will be in intense howling pain for a while but he should be fine. Get prompt veterinary attention in any case.

How Comer: The Southwest U.S. (parts of Arizona and New Mexico in particular) harbors more than two-dozen species of scorpions. Only the little (1 1/2 inch long) bark scorpion (with two black stripes on its yellow-brown back) is deadly. The sting of a bark scorpion (if disturbed amongst the bark, wood or stones where they lurk) can cause drooling, breathing problems, and paralysis. The dog can collapse and die within 30 minutes.

Stings of non-poisonous scorpions can cause swelling and fiery pain for an hour or so, followed by numbness in the area around the site. The dog should be immobilized as much as possible and kept from biting the place where the scorpion got him. Call ahead to tell the veterinarian you’re on the way, and follow the vet’s first-aid instructions. Remember that a dog in extreme pain can hurt others.

A creepy nuisance for people and their dogs, scorpions are rarely deadly.

Thanks to the vets at BluePearl Veterinary Partners (bluepearlvet.com) for this answer.

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