Q: A fun Rally course?

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I am having a party for my dog friends? I want to have a little Rally course in the backyard - so I went and bought the cones (Adrienne always had cones at school?) - and made signs #1-6.... I figured for dogs who don't know anything - it will be good to get them to do 6 things? Can anyone tell me what a Rally thing is about? Can #1 cone - be to sit - stay while your parent throws a ball in the here 20 times? I didn't know.

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Courtney H.

Jun 07, 2009

If it is just for fun, then you can probably make the stations be anything.
If you want to actually do Rally, then go to APDT.com or AKC.org and search Rally Level 1/Novice and you can see some signs.

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Jun 09, 2009

if the dogs haven't done this before, i would start them off w/the very basics. asking a dog to show restraint when a ball being tossed takes so much patience on their behalf, i think it would be more fun for the dogs if they could just have the ball. thats normally a skill that must be built up over some lengthy practice. some commands that can be learned quickly are sit, stay, come, down, crawl, and beg. each of those are easy for dogs to learn b/c they're mostly a matter of following where the treat is going.

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