Q: A dog that has never played?

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Cricket is my grandma's minature poodle she is 8 years old and is rescued before she was with my grandma she was left locked in a room with no one around with lots of flies and although she lived with her sister Angel who she got along with and two cats that she got along well with one cat named sadie and one cat named Shorty and no this is not my Shorty this is just a strange qunceidince I always called him Frisky instead, but once Cricket was rescued and the other three were taken out of that house She is now nailed to my grandma's hip following her everywhere my grandma would really like it if Cricket would play but Cricket won't play not with toys, not with rawhydes, not for treats, she won't even play with the cat Miss Kitty cause the cat is such a snoot that she would rather not be near the dog, I took Skitters over there and Skitters tried to play with Cricket but Cricket tried to attack Skitters instead of playing it's like she doesn't know what toys are and doesn't know what playing is how can we get her to play and although she doesn't like treats she seems to like cream cheese cake frosting and cream cheese cake filling cause she stole some off the table the other day and we were just stunned. So how do we get her to play?

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Oct 11, 2011

Play with her toys yourself. Get down on the ground and toss a ball with a huge smile plastered on your face. Make a bit of scene about how much FUN it is. If she seems interested, get on all fours and throw your front half down {like how playful puppies do}, then start playing again. Do this for as long as it takes or until she gets up and walks away, obviously bored by it all.

The absolute best way to teach dogs to play though, is by having another dog show them. If Cricket likes any dog, that would be the dog to use. Then you'll want to initiate play the same way as above so she associates what you want her to do by those actions. A cat may work too if she's determined not to like dogs.

Either way you go, it can take several months for a dog to understand this foreign behavior. She probably played as a puppy, but that was forever ago so she may not remember at all.

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