Q: A Cat That Hides?

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Miss Kitty is my grandmas cat she always seems to hide when company comes over instantly before the vistors are even in the house she is gone hidden in a perfect hiding spot where she stays until the company is gone even when I go over there she hides she only likes the people she lives with but I was wondering is there a way to keep her from hiding when there is company and get her to stay out where everyone is cause at least if there was a way she would stay out she would not panic every time a geust came over they have already tried treats and coaxing her out it doesn't work traping her from the hiding spots or bringing her out would just make her more nervous so is there a way?

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Feb 06, 2012

I have two cats that hide every time the doorbell rings. If company stays long enough, they eventually summon up the courage to come out on their own terms and scope out the situation. They're never going to be overly friendly around strangers or let them handle them, but they may enter the room and sit on the opposite side to observe what is going on. I personally would never stress them out or make them more fearful by dragging them from their hiding places and thrusting them into a situation that obviously they are not comfortable with. Neither would I take away their hiding place...a place they feel safe and comfortable. I didn't rescue them to make them be social butterflies. I rescued them to make them safe and if hiding from people makes them feel safer, so be it. This is their home, not our visiting relatives or other guests, and they should always feel safe in their home.

Cats require cat trees, perches, and other high levels where they can go, sit, and observe. That usually boosts their confidence, certainly makes them happier, but doesn't always mean they'll overcome their need to hide from invaders into their home and space.

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Feb 06, 2012

You'll want to build her confidence long before she's expected to join the party. Instead of it being your grandma's house, it should be more "Grandma's and Miss Kitty's house". She needs some sense of ownership, which are perches {multiple} at or above eye level, positive encouragement for coming out of hiding {treats, catnip, or play}, and plenty of respect for her personal space when she is out.

You can block off her hiding spaces, but always keep an empty room available for her to escape to. Like, leave the bedroom door cracked but block off under the bed, dresser, in the closet, so on. Let her get used to not being allowed in those hiding spaces and let her claim vertical space in the main living area first so she learns a new routine on her own terms.

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