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Well im getting a new kitten in six weeks i wanted to know the care for it and some names it is going to be female

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Apr 07, 2012

You need to cat-proof your house. Kittens are notorious for getting into things, so make sure there's no electrical cords for them to chew on or anything else dangerous that they can reach. And remember, they'll climb anything so look high and low for danger. Make sure you have a litter box, plenty of litter, high quality kitten food, scratching posts and a cat tree for climbing before you bring your kitten home., If you have other animals in the house, your kitten needs to quarantined until it has received all of it's vetting. Kittens don't have a natural immunity so they can easily get sick. You don't want to expose them to anything until they've had all their immunizations. If you have other pets, you also want to introduce them slowly after the kitten has had time for the immunizations to take effect and do their job. Keep the kitten in a separate room and let them meet under the door. Switch bedding so they get used to each other's scent. The kitten probably is not going to have trouble, but any existing pets might not appreciate a little interloper into their territory, so go slowly. After a few days, you can put the kitten in a carrier and introduce them. Go slow and don't rush and you'll have one big happy familiy in no time.

As far as naming them. You're in a better position to name them than any of us who are strangers to the kitten. She doesn't have to have a name immediately. Give it a few days. Get to know her and her personality. She'll help you decide what her name is. Something about her - her play, her habits, her mannerisms, etc - will stand out and inspire you to pick the perfect name. Most people tend to give their cats and kittens names they would give their children. Remember that cats respond better to names ending in a long "e" sound, so those names ending in "y", "ie" and "i" are favored by cats. Also, you want to keep the names simple. Animals also tend to respond better to 2-syllable names. Avoid names that are similar to commands or training words because it can become confusing for the pet. Enjoy your new baby.

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Apr 09, 2012

Congrats on your soon-to-be new addition! You'll know what her name should be after you've spent a few days getting to know her. Naming is part of the fun anyway, so that's all you!

As for what you'll need - stainless steel bowls {b/c they're safe and don't breed bacteria wildly}, a scratching post, GOOD food {commercial brands are horrible, instead try Wellness, Nature's Variety, or Natural Balance}, toys...and more toys, a little box with litter {natural litters are best, but can be expensive - scoop daily, change out every other week or as needed}, cat nail clippers {declawing is cruel, so you'll want to trim her nails once a month}, and patience.

Lots of patience. Ask questions as you need and do plenty of internet searches. She'll probably play too rough, which is very cute when they're kittens, but you need to break that habit. Yell a high pitched "Ow!" when she does and end play for two full minutes. Then go back and repeat. If you're consistent, she'll play gently after only a week or two. This is also the time when you'll want to teach her everything she'll need to know. Kittens are impressionable, grown cats are stubborn. Don't let her on top of anywhere she won't be allowed as an adult - like tables or counters. However, she should be given an area to climb. Cat trees are great, but shelves do the trick. If you can't install shelves just for this purpose, give her free reign on a dresser or bookshelf. Vertical space is important to cats, builds their confidence and helps vent their energy.

Play with her for at least 15 minutes before meals and remember to refill her water dish with fresh a few times daily.

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Apr 06, 2012

well for care you may want to start your kitten out in a room by itself until it gets used to its new home, as for names here are some good ones Fabulos, Glitter, Glamour, Soda, Pinky, Paint, Kindra, Cloud, Tetra, Flamedra, Skyla, Kayla and there used to be a white cat around here her owner kept her in once she was ready to have her kittens but I thought she was a stray until I noticed her coming out of an apartment window next door but I called her Snow White, There is also the name Molly which is a really cute name, Cutie Pie, Rainbow, Slimey, Lucky, Wild, Kiss, Hearts, Feisty, China, Africanica, Beauty, Sailormoon, Starla, Scarlet, Baby, Mink, Moo, Meow, Billy, Bobbie, Danny, Bennita, Berta, Birdie, Fluffy, Cotton, Lavender, Queenie, Princess, Zardey, Gwin, Quinn, Goldie, Crystal, Fifi, Foofoo, Pepper, Samm, Mamber, Sissy, Libra, Jemtra, Missy, Misty, Fields, Dandy, Dandelion, Lady, Winter, Julie, Summer, Windy, Autumn, Shakira, Teddy, Squirt and Scronny. My favorite for a kitten though would be the name Uniuqe and of course Glitter.

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