Q: 2 kittens, should I seperate them always when I leave?

October 4, 2008 | By Jesika H. | 8 answers | Expired: 2230 days ago

Jesika H.

I have 2 kittens, about 8 months (peach) and 6 months (Zelda). at first when i brought Zelda home to Peach (whom we already had for 4 months) naturally they didn't get along. I understand that, but now they have gotten past it and they get along great, always playing or sleeping together. Well I think Zelda (who came from a shelter) is teaching Peach to do some bad things. Such as get on the counter and lick bowls and stuff. Should i keep them separated when I leave again?

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Nicky R.

Oct 08, 2008

If they get along, then don't seperate them. But if it gives you peace of mind, put them in a room together (I agree with the other answers) so you have a better idea of what they are doing when you are gone.

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Christine B.

Oct 14, 2008

I have total faith in cats - especially kittens - to find trouble to get into all on their own. :) Separating them probably won't help in the long-term.

I agree with those who have suggested a kitty-proof room where they can stay together while you're away, at least until you feel like you've corrected their behavior and are ready to risk leaving them alone with the house again.

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Oct 04, 2008

I think you should keep them together. My two dogs didn't get along either, but after a few months they settled down and became almost siblibgs.

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