Q: 13 wk old almost 14 wk old kittens

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My cat Angel had kittens 13wks ago and we have 3 left. My question is that they are still trying to suck on her when she doesn't have any milk left in her. Is there a reason why they are doing this....could they be using her as a pacifier? Or is it something else that they are not getting???

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Jul 29, 2010

I work with rescued paws and I was concered when I saw sunshine who is about 5 years old doing this to her mother Misty who is I believe 8 years old. But the other ladies said it is nothing to worry about mother cats and kittens do this as a way of bonding and it does not hurt the mother cat or the kitten. It just shows how close they are and how close a bond they have. And most people just think it is cute.

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Jul 30, 2010

one of my fosters last summer would suckle his tail until he fell asleep - at five months. it's a comforting behavior and can last years, but nothing to be alarmed about.

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Aug 11, 2010

If the mommy cat doesn't stop the kittens from doing it, they'll keep doing it just because it's comforting.

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