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March 22, 2008 | By Kyrie W. | 1 | S.O.S.!

i want to help my humane society but dont know how to get it so my points help them in the Shelter Makeover contest... PLEASE HELP ME!! :)

Kyrie W.

March 22, 2008 | By Billie R. | 2 | S.O.S.!

I want to add a picture of my pets but I don't know how! Help!!!

March 22, 2008 | By K | 1 | Need to know

I don't get any points when I add picture or video reviews. Do you have to add a lot to get points?

March 22, 2008 | By Brenda G. | 5 | S.O.S.!

I've been lokking at the "Furminator". Any groomers out there, or home groomers have a recommendation? I have a collie whose haunches and tail need de-matting. I bought a cheap one which has done well on all other parts, but the tail and haunches are… more ›

Brenda G.

March 22, 2008 | By Bo T. | 2 | Just Curious

I have never had a rat live more then 2-1/2 years. I feed them right, keep them clean. I've had over 20 rats over the last 8 years and none of the has lived longer then 2-1/2 years.

Bo T.

March 21, 2008 | By Elizabeth S. | 2 | Just Curious

How do I enter my pets into the pet wars? Forgive me if this question has already been asked. Thanks!

Elizabeth S.

March 21, 2008 | 6 | S.O.S.!

I had a lot more points and I sign ed today and found that I had fewer points.


March 21, 2008 | By Julie S. | 9 | Need to know

we have never had a cat before and now have a 5 month old kitten. Looking for ideas to keep her happy.

Julie S.

March 21, 2008 | By Donna S. | 2 | Need to know

Can someone please tell me what they are and where to find them on the site, I can't see to find them, Thank you :)

March 21, 2008 | By Ogre | 3 | Need to know

I have red-eared slider turtles and I would like to make a beach type area for them. I've looked at the products at Petsmart but they don't have them for 40 gallon habitats and they appear to be made of soft foam. It wouldn't provide a *dry* area … more ›

March 21, 2008 | By Mal M. | 4 | Need to know

She jumps on people when they jet out of our pool. It kinda hurts. … more ›

Mal M.

March 21, 2008 | By 1stchimomma | 1 | S.O.S.!

Please Help? The vet and I have decided to try the Herbal supplement route before going for the actual seizure meds. Please any home remedies would be helpful. Any suggestions realy.


March 21, 2008 | By Bo T. | 3 | S.O.S.!

Sheba is very strong willled and when she don't get her way she bites. She even bites for no reason, we just get bit when she feels like biting us. It's driving us crazy. She's a great cat except for the biting.

March 20, 2008 | By Ashley A. | 3 | Need to know

The dog is a 1 year old Pit Bull/ Shetland Sheep Dog.

Ashley  A.

March 20, 2008 | By Julie Kay S. | 1 | S.O.S.!

I really want to post some of Wiggles Blue Heeler's several 29-second videos here, like we have posted at (5) and (1), but can't seem to get them to upload completely. Help, please, techies!

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