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May 30, 2008 | By Kittypassion | 2 | Just Curious

I have a siberian husky. They don't eat much or on a regular basis. Someone recommended Nutro, but he won't touch it. Every other day I mix dry food with pedigree canned food. Sometimes he'll eat it; sometimes not. So for those of your who have h… more ›


May 29, 2008 | By Lisa | 7 | Need to know

I feed my dog Nutro Natural Choice Lamb And Rice and I have heard that there has been some dogs getting sick recently from it, and I too have noticed a change in my dogs actions. He has had diarrhia and occasionally vomits and isn't as playful as he … more ›


May 18, 2008 | By Deb B. | 4 | Need to know

I am trying to find a RELIABLE list of what vegetables are good or bad for my dog. I read onions are posionous and then I read they are fine. Help!

Deb B.

May 12, 2008 | 5 | Need to know

There was a recipe that I found several years ago for kittens who didn't have mom to talk care of them.

May 7, 2008 | 6 | Just Curious

My dog is overwieght...All my neighbors feed her (treats...etc.) How do I get them to stop!!


May 2, 2008 | By Roxanne B. | 11 | Just Curious

I have heard that if you can't provide the absolute best in food then you shouldn't own. But I don't feed my kids filet mignon every night, does that mean I should'nt breed? I do the best I can, which isn't bad, and don't know what I would do without… more ›

Roxanne B.

April 28, 2008 | By Joe B. | 4 | Need to know

My female pit had a bout of pancreatitis about two months ago. Fortunately it was mild and she has recovered from it. However, we now have her on a very bland diet of baked chicken (no skin), white rice, and small elbow pasta, mixed with her WD kib… more ›

April 22, 2008 | By Karen K. | 1 | Need to know

I am looking for some inexpensive horse quality hay. Please let me know if you know a good place to get some. Thanks! Karen

Karen K.

April 20, 2008 | By judy b. | 5 | Just Curious

Just curious - has anyone out there ever had their dog on an all raw food diet? have been reading the pros and cons about it

judy b.

April 20, 2008 | By Martha P. | 3 | Need to know

Okay, they do eat it but only if it's mixed with home cooking -- real meat and vegetables. Canned pet food is out, I mean, they won't eat it. They also like to sneak over and eat each other's kibbles on the sly. The cat is getting skinny because… more ›

Martha P.

April 15, 2008 | By SuzzieQ | 4 | Just Curious

my bunny LOVES treats, but i want to make sure they are healthy. what kinds taste good and are healthy???

April 14, 2008 | By jessica m. | 1 | Need to know

i have tried alot of differnt food and supplements for my kitty but she still gets hairballs, i dont know if it is inevitable because she is a persian cat or is there something out there that i just havent found yet? does anyone have a recommendation… more ›

jessica m.

April 14, 2008 | By Quani C. | 3 | Just Curious

One of the employees at a locally owned pet store told me the other day that grains aren't part of a cats' natural diet, so I should buy food with very little to no grains in them. Is this true or is it a ploy for me to buy more expensive products f… more ›

Quani C.

April 12, 2008 | By KIM S. | 4 | Just Curious

This has by far been my worst year for finding and obtaining hay.My usual suppliers{5 of them}all kept theirs for themselves.I have had to dish out $4/bale for green 2nd cut 40#.This is twice what i am used to.Have heard horror stories of 8,10 even 1… more ›

April 10, 2008 | By Elena G. | 4 | Just Curious

I have just started making treats for my dogs and have found that most recipes have some type of oil and flour. Sometimes it's olive oil, veg. oil, or corn oil. Then it's either corn flour, wheat flour, or white flour. I would like to make a varie… more ›

Elena G.

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