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October 9, 2008 | By stacy b. | 22 | S.O.S.!

george i cant figure out what type of cat he is

October 8, 2008 | By sherry f. | 11 | Just Curious

I am looking into getting a Cane Corso. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these dogs and could tell me anything about their personalities. Any information would be helpful. I have read alot about them but I am looking for first hand… more ›

sherry f.

October 7, 2008 | By Stevenchel | 11 | Just Curious

I first saw one a couple months ago and think they are pretty dogs but I don't know anything about them. I would like to get on one day.

October 6, 2008 | By Leeannschrum | 6 | Need to know

I wish to find a breed that is small enough to travel well in a pet carrier when I fly.

October 6, 2008 | 11 | Just Curious

I have a 2 year old Blue Healer/Austrailian Cattle dog and he is just adorable!!!


October 5, 2008 | By Cassie B. | 5 | Need to know

Hi everyone, i just got my rabbit and i love him to death, anyway i am trying to figure out what breed he is so i can make up my mind if i want to show him or not...i need help. so if anyone knows and can get ahold of me on here i would love it. than… more ›

October 5, 2008 | By Pam N. | 11 | S.O.S.!

Is it true that shorthair orange tabbies have the nicest personalities? When I brought mine in to the vet he told me that is what he has found over his many years working as a vet

Pam N.

October 5, 2008 | By Sophgrafox21 | 21 | Just Curious

I have always loved the great danes but have been a little scared to get one because of the size. I was told a long time ago that they do not live very long because they are do this true? Also are there other health issues to be aware of wi… more ›


October 5, 2008 | By Christina T. | 27 | Need to know

I recently adopted a lab mix from the Humane Society. When I brought him home I realized just how much Pit bull he really had. My guess is he's 50/50. Do you think this dog is trainable. I'm ignorant about pit bulls and frankly I'm a little worri… more ›

Christina T.

October 3, 2008 | By aine s. | 3 | Just Curious

Is this a valid tool or just a fun guestimate?

aine s.

October 2, 2008 | By Starling | 8 | Just Curious

I am hoping to get a dog that can defend livestock (birds) against small predators (cats, raccoons, coyotes) ...I don't want one that barks a lot or is agressive toward people. I know that dogs all have their individual… more ›


October 2, 2008 | By Cindy | 7 | Just Curious

What kind of pets do the presidential and vice presidential candidates have?


October 2, 2008 | By Animallover444 | 5 | Just Curious

I also would like to know where I could get her!!


October 1, 2008 | By Amber S. | 37 | Just Curious

What breed would you personally recommend with children?

Amber S.

September 27, 2008 | By Janel w. | 19 | Need to know

I'm looking for some information on Boxers - personal experience. I have 3 young children and would like a dog that will be good with them, protective, and easy to care for. I'm also not sure if a male or female would be better.

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