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July 14, 2011 | By Morgan B. | 1 | S.O.S.!

My cat Molly

July 14, 2011 | By Morgan B. | 1 | S.O.S.!

My cat Molly

July 8, 2011 | By Morgan B. | 3 | Need to know

My dog Lady

June 21, 2011 | By GPluv579 | 1 | S.O.S.!

My baby guenia pig is so stubborn she needs to be trained and I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 17, 2011 | By Horselover70 | 1 | Need to know

My jack-Russel Willow always pees when anyone comes in or goes out of the house, and when he gets excited.

June 17, 2011 | By Horselover70 | 1 | Need to know

My jack-Russel Willow always pees when anyone comes in or goes out of the house, and when he gets excited.

June 13, 2011 | By Lilshroom92 | 4 | Need to know

I let my dog Oden go outside or walk him and he doesn't pee or poop outside many time and most of the time when we go back inside he goes right to pee or poop on the floor inside. He is a 4 year old dachshund. He used to always do his business o… more ›

Tags: dachshund, house breaking my dog, dog, four year old dachshund, pee's inside, poops inside, behavior

May 22, 2011 | By Ches21 | 1 | S.O.S.!

Teddy is my 16 year old female cat and Shorty is my 8 year old male cat and Then Charlie is new to my home and Charlie is a 3 year old male cat. How do I go about intruducing Teddy and Shorty to Charlie so that there is not a fight I would like them … more ›


May 22, 2011 | By Lisaac64 | 2 | S.O.S.!

My cat wont stop biting and blocking us from going somewhere and when ever we try to push him out of the way he like attacks us and gets mad and hes a very sweet cat but he wont stop help by the way he is a domestic short hair

Tags: timmy, domestic short hair - gray and white


May 19, 2011 | By Elizala96 | 2 | S.O.S.!

2 days ago I adopted two kittens that are not littermates. The male is 3mos female is 12 weeks today. Both are fixed. The male is hissing, growling and swatting at the female constantly. He acts great by himself, at the shelter he was caged w/his 3 … more ›


May 18, 2011 | By S C. | 2 | Need to know

At times my puppy will get in a mood where no matter how matter how many times you correct him for bitting or chewing on your clothes he goes right back to it like he just does't care. I don't know if he is testing is limits, seeing what he can get a… more ›

May 16, 2011 | By Ches21 | 0 | S.O.S.!

Teddy my 16 year old Tortie cat has only one tooth and ever since her teeth disapeared she has started Gumming everyone she will bite you but it is called gumming since she only has one tooth and it doesn't hurt when she does this she is purring and … more ›

Tags: teddy rescue, tortoise shell, behavior & training, adoption & rescue


May 9, 2011 | By SusanRT | 2 | Need to know

My cat does not like to be held by me. She will swat at my face with her claws out or grab my head with both paws and sink her claws in. I'll immediately put her down. She does NOT do this with my husband...she lets him hold her. I am the one who giv… more ›

May 3, 2011 | By Whisperwinds | 1 | Need to know

Thanks to all that sent answers to my horse question. We are still working with them. We have decided to just feed and play with them for the next 3 1/2 weeks till our son is out of school. Hopefully that will give them and us time to get use to each… more ›

May 2, 2011 | By Dogz37 | 1 | Need to know

What do I do, not even 6 months old. Very sweet. Other than this and not liking being held Pharo is a little angle! Please help (if you have advice for the holding issue is welcome to, I know it's normal but still, he is supposed to be company for ou… more ›

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Answer by Ches21

A: First off the command you should be using is Quiet not shut up also sometimes clapping your hands once and saying it will work. You can use … more ›

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Answer by Momba

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